Plumbing Services in St. Louis

Having running water in your home is an essential service.

When you turn the dial on your faucet, you always expect water to come out immediately. We use water for an endless number of things, from drinking to bathing and everything in-between. Since running water is the lifeblood of our livelihood, it can be quite jarring when our plumbing system breaks down.

A faulty sewer line, busted water main, or broken down water heater is enough to disrupt our lives until it is fixed.

During these times, you’re not only unable to use running water for the many things you need it for, but that running water is diverting somewhere else. Best case scenario, the water is flowing away from your home and out of harm’s way. However, more often than not, a severe plumbing breakdown can cause enormous damage to your house and every minute you wait to act could result in even more trouble.

When you need a plumbing solution quickly and effectively, it’s time to bring in a certified professional.

Plumbing Services in the St. Louis Area

Whether you’re experiencing an outage of water in your home or you need a new system in place during a remodel or build, we’re the professionals for the job.

BrightHouse offers residential plumbing services to homes across the Greater St. Louis area, including St. Charles County, Chesterfield, Kirkwood, Webster Groves, Clayton, Ladue and St. Louis County.

Our certified plumbing professionals provide free assessments of your homes plumbing system. Well take an honest look at what is causing your water dysfunction and provide you with all the information you need to make a great informed decision on your home.

Beyond consultations, we have experience in solving all residential plumbing challenges. Give us a call today to set up your free consultation.

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residential plumbing

When to Hire Professional Residential Plumbers

You can perform some plumbing repairs on your own with a little research and the proper tools. For example, fixing a running toilet or shower drain cleaning is doable with some online reading and a quick trip to the hardware store.

However, for larger-scale plumbing issues, it’s best to bring in a professional. Letting a water issue fester is a recipe for disaster and can cause long-term damage to your home. As such, regular check-ups and expert services help keep the integrity of your home’s plumbing system in ship shape.

Here is when to call in the big guns for your home’s plumbing:

Your Water Heater Is’t Working

Losing access to hot water is one of the main reasons homeowners search for professional plumbing services.

However, you don’t need to wait until it breaks down to do some preventative maintenance on your water heater. Getting your water heater and other aspects of your plumbing system regularly checked every few years can help you identify problems early and save you money and effort down the line.

Still, urgent water heater repairs often arise unexpectedly. Here are a few of the tell-tale signs your water heater needs professional attention:

  • Leaking: if the water is pooling underneath or around your water heater, you may need to replace the unit.
  • Discolored Water: this means your water tank might be rusting and leading into your water supply.
  • Loud Noises: If your heater has abruptly begun making strange or uncommon noises, it’s trying to tell you something.
  • Age: Water heaters last anywhere between 10 to 15 years before needing a replacement.

If any of these are arising in your home’s water heater, schedule a free consultation with a BrightHouse plumbing professional right away.

Your water bill is higher than normal

When your water bill is higher than it should be, it’s a tell-tale sign that something is wrong with your plumbing system.

There are two ways to determine if you’re paying more than you should be for water:

  • Compare your water usage to your previous figures and examine month-to-month trends.
  • Compare your water bill to a neighbor’s payment who has similar plumbing needs.

If your water bills are steadily higher than usual, or you see a sudden drastic rise in your amount due, you know something is afoot.

Paying for more water than you are using means you are losing water somewhere along the way. Diagnosing this problem’s root cause is the first step toward returning to an efficient plumbing system while staving off any long-term damage that might occur if you leave it unattended.

Fortunately, assessing a plumbing problem and providing an estimate is a free and straightforward process with our plumbing company. Contact BrightHouse today for a free plumbing inspection.

You Have a rapid Water Supply Line Leak

While your bill might be a quiet indicator that you have a plumbing issue, this one is anything but subtle.

Although having a water main burst open and flood sections of a house is an uncommon occurrence for Missouri homes, it still happens. If this impacts your home, the first thing you need to do is stop the leaking.

If water continues to build up, it will cause significant damage to your home. Try to find a valve that just shuts off the area that leaks. This knob may be in the form of a knife- or knob-style cut-off valve. If this isn’t readily available, you’ll need to shut down the entire house’s water.

After you’ve shut down the water, contact a plumbing professional such as BrightHouse to provide emergency service.

You Have no Water Altogether

The polar opposite to the last point if you have zero water coming out of your faucet when you turn the dial, you might need professional help.

The first thing a professional will look for is whether or not the drought is isolated, so check other water sources around your house to see how localized the damage is. It is very common for a sink the stop running, but it is rare for an entire home to have no water.

Additionally, make sure you try both hot and cold water on your sources.

If you cannot get hot or cold water to come out of a faucet or if the problem spreads to other areas of the house, you may have a severe problem. It could be that the buried water pipe leading to your home has burst or been severed, diverting water away from your home. The leak could also center around the water meter.

When in doubt, set up a free consultation with a BrightHouse expert. We’ll get to the root of the problem and explain everything needed to get your back to normal.

You Have a Sewer Line Leak or Gaseous Odors

Your home’s sewer line is the underground pipe that carries your home’s wastewater from the toilets, sinks, and showers. As such, a broken sewer line is incredibly disruptive to your routine and requires professional help right away.

Some kind of blockage or break causes a sewer line leak, which typically leads to pooling, smelly water somewhere in your yard. You might see it as a puddle slowly forming in the grass, or it could be more subtle wetness with your soil.

A BrightHouse plumbing contractor can give a free assessment for your sewer line and provide detailed recommendations for the best way to repair your water system.

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commercial plumbing

Trusted Professional Commercial Plumbers

Beyond home plumbing systems, commercial buildings require their own unique needs and expertise to ensure water is safely and effectively available.

Calling in a commercial plumbing professional is essential when you are putting your building through a serious remodel or creating a new structure.

No matter the situation, contact BrightHouse for all your commercial plumbing needs. We’ll provide a fair, transparent quote for your project free of charge and execute on our plan in a timely and professional manner.

Contact our office today to get your free quote started.

Plumbing Professionals Serving St. Louis County

For any significant St. Louis plumbing challenge, you can count on the professionals at BrightHouse. We specialize in everything plumbing-related, including fixing broken water lines, pipe repair services, water heater repair, sewer repair, and drain cleaning services.

Whatever you need, you can be sure our experts will do an excellent job assessing your home’s plumbing system and providing top-of-the-line service.

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